Nottingham Prints – Radical and Alternative News Media from Five Decades – event on 27-29 September

Two exciting local events with a distinctly anarchist flavour are happening before the end of 2019, one this weekend and one in November. Firstly, Nottingham Prints – Radical and Alternative News Media from Five Decades. This is a free exhibition starting on Friday at Nottingham Contemporary 27th-29th September, within the art centre’s Zine Library space, organised by The Sparrows’ Nest featuring loads of awesome materials! Secondly, the third Nottingham Radical Bookfair takes place on Saturday 2nd November at Nottingham Mechanics with stalls and talks, also free entry.


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A new look for Organise! magazine – issue 91

organise91_photoorg91Organise! magazine is out for Ides of March 2019 with some 90 pages and for the first time it’s colour throughout, with a lovely spine. Organise! 91 is free to download [PDF size 90MB] but please consider supporting us by buying a print issue or donating via Patreon.

NEW: Support Organise!

Buy print copies from Freedom Press:

More AF press in print:


Theory and Analysis
Who’s Arming Turkey?
Brexit and Workers – What’s the score?
The Scare Cycle – Moral panics and national elections
How Does It Hurt? – Re-imagining violence outside of capitalism
How To Hack Into Bus Stop Advertising Spaces

The Yellow Vests: Statement by Fédération Anarchiste
An interview with the Bangladesh Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation
Statement From Brazilian Women Against Fascism UK
The Anti-Worker’ Party Rage In Brazil: Progressive or Reactionary?

Knowledge Exchange
Getting A Crew Together
Secure Your Comms
Getting Social
The Principles Of Anarchism – Lucy Parsons

Chav Solidarity (plus Review)
Social Depravity – Ritchie Smith
An Interview with The Decolonial Atlas

Review Section
Burn After Reading
Red And Black Gamers

Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages
Assigned Male
Sidewalk Bubblegum

North Earth Anarchist Group
Anarchist Party
Feed The Population
Stop The Arms Fair
Green Anti-Capitalist Front – A Letter To XR

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Anarcho-punk zine event in Nottingham on 27th April

In the 1970s, DIY print media met Punk and Anarchism, and the Anarcho-Punk Fanzine was born. The print quality may have been patchy, but the passion and commitment are undeniable. This hands-on workshop explores the politics and the music through zines and a punk soundtrack, courtesy of The Sparrows’ Nest Library and Archive, in corporation with the Notts Zine Library which can be found at:

Nottingham Contemporary, Weekday Cross, Nottingham, NG1 2GB.

Title of event: From the Pistols to the Miners’ Strike: Fanzines of the Anarcho-Punk era, 1976 to 1984

Date: Saturday 27th April 2019.
Time: 11am-4pm

Venue wheelchair accessible.

The event will be free, but there will be eventbrite pre-booking online – keep an eye out for details. The Sparrows’ Nest will be doing updates and so you can follow them on Twitter @SparrowsNestLib or join their mailing list ( contact details on their website ).

More details:

Notts Zine Library is a permanent collection of self-published materials housed within Nottingham Contemporary’s The Zebrario room as part of a one-year-long residency.

NZL was born from the love of supporting artists and zine makers at the annual Notts Zine Festival. NZL aims to provide a platform for anyone to showcase their zines, whilst archiving them in a comfortable and relaxed environment for readers to enjoy.

Nice blog article about the zine library:


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Happy 10th birthday to The Sparrows’ Nest anarchist archive and library

A decade of creating order, whilst sowing the seeds of dissent, in Nottingham since 2008!

The Sparrows’ Nest anarchist library and archive was launched in Nottingham in December 2008. Ten years later, we look after tens of thousands of documents focussing on the history of anarchist groups and individuals in the UK and beyond as well as the history of other social movements in Nottingham and the wider area. Our work aims to preserve such records and to make them available to interested audiences, furthering an understanding of past struggles and aiding struggles fought today.

The above article continues on the Sparrows’ Nest web site with links to recent and older interviews and photos including those from the launch event on 7th December 2008:


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More talks on anarchism in Nottingham – January and February 2019

After packing a room with 80 people at the 2nd Nottingham Radical Bookfair in November, Iain McKay will be back next year to deliver two exciting linked talks about anarchism, focussing on 12 libertarian thinkers and activists. They will take place on the 28th of January and the 4th of February 2019.

See below and this link for more info (and notes from previous talks too): Talks: The Meaning of Anarchism (Nottingham, 28/01/19 and 04/02/19) | Anarchist Writers

The Meaning of Anarchism, via twelve libertarians

Venue: Five Leaves Bookshop 14a Long Row, Nottingham NG1 2DH. £3.00 on the door, including refreshments.

Anarchism is a much misunderstood and much misrepresented theory. Rejecting the chaos of capitalism and statism, it seeks to create the order of libertarian socialism, a free society of free associates. To discover more, please join Iain McKay (author of An Anarchist FAQ) for an exploration of libertarian ideas by means of six male and six female anarchist thinkers and activists.

Over two nights, the lives and ideas of the founding fathers and mothers of anarchism – including Michael Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin, Louise Michel and Emma Goldman – will be discussed and their continuing relevance highlighted.

Week one — Monday, 28th January: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Founding Fathers, 1840 to 1940: Pierre-Joseph Proudhon; Joseph Dejacques;  Michael Bakunin; Errico Malatesta; Peter Kropotkin; Rudolf Rocker

Week two – Monday, 4th February: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Founding Mothers, 1840 to 1940; André Léo; Louise Michel; Lucy Parsons; Emma Goldman; Voltairine de Cleyre; Marie-Louis Berneri

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Talks at Second Nottingham Radical Bookfair – Saturday 17th November 2018

Date/Time: Saturday, 17th November. 10:30 am – 5:00 pm

Location: Nottingham Mechanics Institute

Nottingham’s second radical bookfair, organised by Five Leaves Bookshop, featuring stalls by national and local publishers, second-hand booksellers and a full supporting programme throughout the day. Free, with free events. No need to book.

Speakers/events include:


“Diversity in children’s picture books”, with Troy Jenkinson (author of The Best Mummy Snails in the Whole Wide World, an LGBT children’s book) and Latina illustrator Erika Meza

It’s the work, the work, the working life… and how do we organise to make things better? Build the old unions, or create new? The recent long university strike and the success of independent unions in “organising the unorganisable” show what might be possible. Join the discussion with Alan Tuckman (author of Kettling the Unions)


Iain McKay on “Modern Science and Anarchy” – the life and work of Peter Kropotkin, prince, anarchist, geographer, whose funeral was the last public anarchist demonstration in Russia under the Bolsheviks.

Familiar Stranger: a life between two islands, a memoir by Bill Schwartz and the late Stuart Hall, the Jamaican-born cultural theorist, political activist of the New Left, and sociologist


Amrit Wilson on Finding a Voice: Asian women in Britain to mark the new edition of this landmark book

Owen Hatherley on his adventures travelling around eleven countries of the former Soviet Union – “Daffodils for Wordsworth. Deprivation for Larkin. A trashed tower block surrounded by a toxic landscape pocked with rust-pitted Ladas in a forgotten oblast 2,000 miles from Moscow for Hatherley.” – Jonathan Meades


Singing for Our Lives: Stories from the Street Choirs centres on more than 40 oral histories gathered from members of the UK’s many street choirs, supported by Nottingham Clarion Choir

The Fire Now: anti-racist scholarship in times of explicit racial violence, with Remi Joseph-Salisbury and Azeezat Johnson (editors) and Viji Kuppan (contributor)


Paul Hegarty gives a sound-illustrated talk on  Peter Gabriel, singer-songwriter, record producer and activist

Assembly Lines – poetry of the workplace by Jane Commane and Neil Fulwood. Jane runs Nine Arches Press, a poetry specialist press, and her own latest collection is from Bloodaxe. Neil is the author of No Avoiding It, a Nottingham geography of work and class

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Dates for your diary – events coming up in October and November 2018

These events are coming up in Nottingham …

At the Sparrows’ Nest:
Saturday 27th October at 2:00 pm:

The Second Nottingham Radical Bookfair, and lots of supporting events on the same day!
Saturday 17th November 11:00 am – 4:30 pm:

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