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Angry not Apathetic – What anarchists do instead of voting – Special issue of Resistance paper – no. 158 Spring 2015

A new special issue of the AF’s paper Resistance for the election period is out and is free to download. Print copies soon coming. See also twitter hashtag #AngryNotApathetic

SPRING 2015 RESISTANCE #158. ANGRY NOT APATHETIC, GENERAL ELECTION SPECIAL ISSUE. Contents: What anarchists do instead of voting, Labour and the Unions, Lib-dems- a student’s view, Green Party “Tories on Bikes”, Syriza in Greece, Suffragettes, Russell Brand. 8 pages. Read all text online. Free download of full PDF.

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Nottingham’s fight against the arms trade

Well done to Kirk Jackson of Shut Down Heckler & Koch who, on 18th February 2010,  climbed the roof of NSAF Ltd. and others who on the same day successfully blockaded the premises of Nottingham’s notorious small arms dealer in Lenton. The name NSAF Ltd. who are H&K’s dealer operating in UK, is no doubt taken in name from ‘Nottingham Small Arms Facility’ which has seen a few changes since it emerged out of Royal Ordnance Factory Nottingham, including ownership by the UK’s more well-known arms-dealing company BAe Systems. Small arms (which are not that small and include machine guns) are responsible for a vast numbers of deaths and injuries in conflicts across the world and are responsible for 9 out of 10 of all civilian deaths in conflict zones. H&K are in the business of arming regimes that are well known to commit gross violations of human rights. Continue reading

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