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Nottingham AF student strike support leaflet for N30

Students in Nottingham AF have produced a leaflet to support strikers on the November 30th strike day…

Download PDF of leaflet.

Leaflet text

On November 30th it is more than likely that your school, college or
university will be closed for industrial action. This is due to the
governments vicious changes to the pension system meaning your
teachers, tutors and lecturers will have to work until the age of 68
while paying considerably more into it and getting less of a pension
than they do now.

The government’s own Hutton Report found the current pension
plans, which were introduced a mere 5 years ago, to be broadly
sustainable. These new plans will see a health worker on 17k a year
contribute 50% extra a year, retire 3 years later and lose 25% of their
final pension. As pensions are nothing but deferred pay, this is
nothing but a land grab on workers’ wages to be redistributed to
whoever the government see fit.

It is clear that the reasons for these changes are not to save money as
the government claims but are more to oppress the working class and
to make us work long exhausting hours for less pay.
This is not just affecting education workers either, the governments
plans will hit all of the public sector. So, how does it affect us as
students? Well, with people retiring later, there will be less jobs for
the younger generations who are leaving education.

The answer is clear, do not denounce your teacher for going on strike,
defend them! Stand in solidarity with them, if your institution is still
open due to strikes, do not cross the picket lines – join them! We as
students do not have economic power to strike but we can occupy our
places of education, stand in solidarity with all staff.

The government and right wing press will try to divide us by calling
strikers selfish for refusing to teach us, don’t let it happen! This is our
struggle as much as it is theirs, talk to your teachers and let them
know that you support them. After all they support you every day.

Written and distributed by Students of the Nottingham Anarchist Federation

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