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Opposing charity involvement in Workfare – a new local campaign

framework nottinghamYesterday a new Nottingham campaign was begun to demand that Framework, a local homelessness and housing charity, stops using mandatory work placements from the Job Centre. Everyone can get involved.

Charity involvement in workfare, where benefits claimants are forced to work for free with the threat of cut-off benefits if they do not, is rife in Britain – see the list of ‘providers’ compiled by Boycott Workfare. The goodwill of true volunteers, a vital part of most charities, can only be degraded by the coercion of these work-for-free schemes which also displace paid jobs. Some of the larger charities may operate like any cut-throat business and not care how they cut costs, but at least some have been shamed into pulling out of workfare when their involvement has been publicised. Local charities in particular rely on goodwill from supporters and should listen to anti-workfare campaigners.

In this latest Nottingham campaign, a letter to Framework was delivered by hand by Nottingham Against Workfare. The campaign asks for your support as follows.

On Sunday 5th May we’ll be raising the issue on their Facebook page and Twitter feed. We ask that you join us to:

1) Ask Framework to end their involvement in the workfare programme.

2) Explain to them that the Workfare programme is exploiting the very people that they proclaim to be supporting.

3) Share this information with as many people as you can.

4) Get in contact with us and join forces in stopping Framework’s exploitation.

Details and links for the action (including the text of the letter sent to the Framework Chief Executive) can be found here: http://nottingham.indymedia.org/articles/5642

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