Reading matters. Organise! 93 & Sparrows’ Nest digital library update

Dear comrades, hoping you are well. Couple of bits of news to keep in touch.

Sparrows’ Nest library and archive just finished another round of sorting, cataloguing and digitising with a list of 87 new items on website (just under 2GB of additional data). Direct link The Nest thanks everyone for all support and interest in its work and will be taking a break for a couple of weeks, before diving back into the boxes in the new year, but will keep an eye on emails, so if you need anything, don’t hesitate to get in touch (see contact tab on website).

From the Anarchist Federation a lovely new 88 page issue of our magazine Organise! #93 is now available for purchase or free PDF download and a screen-reader page turning version is here: The best way to support Organise! and get print copies (full colour & glossy) is via and single print issues can be obtained from AK Press – order this issue or search on Organise! or Anarchist Federation for back issues.

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  1. Nothing says “Christmas” to me quite like a glossy 88 page edition of “Organise!”
    – Seasonal solidarity, Comrades!

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