A bunch of great 1968 anniversary events in Nottingham during May & June 2018

Please come to, and tell lots of people about, these Nottingham based events on the subject of the hugely important 1968 revolt by The Sparrows’ Nest archive & library, People’s Histreh group and Five Leaves bookshop. Check out the ExLibris booksale too.

Nottingham 3rd June 12-5pm. Remembering the 1968 Revolts: Broadway film screening of If…, exhibition of contemporary materials & panel session with local links. https://peopleshistreh.wordpress.com/2018/04/09/remembering-the-1968-revolts/

Earlier 1968 talk at Five Leaves on May 10th: http://fiveleavesbookshop.co.uk/events/may-made-me-an-oral-history-of-the-68-uprising-in-france-with-mitchell-abidor/

While we are here, the ExLibris booksale Apr 27th – May 7th will no doubt have some great ’60s books and other goodies: https://www.facebook.com/events/351502811926431/ ExLibris can also be seen (or rather, partially obscured) on the small screen of YouTube with some amusing vignettes as they prepare for their latest event: https://youtu.be/yFurszRyDZU


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History and Strategies of Antifa in Germany – anti-fascist speaking tour dates in Midlands – 9-14th Nov 2017

The History and Strategies of Antifa in Germany
Midlands dates 9-14 November 2017:

Derby. Thursday, November 9 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
The Mandela Community Centre
179-181 Peartree Road, DE23 8NQ Derby.

[ Also new  in Derby, a Social Centre project: https://www.facebook.com/derbysocialcentre/ ]

Nottingham. Friday, November 10 at 7 PM – 9:30 PM
YMCA international community centre (ICC)
61B Mansfield Rd,, NG1 3FN Nottingham:
(followed by a social at The Sumac Centre)

Leicester. Saturday, November 11 at 3:30 PM – 6 PM
Duffy’s Bar, 18 Pocklingtons Walk, LE1 6BU Leicester.

Birmingham. Tuesday, November 14 at 7 PM – 10 PM
Centrala, Unit 4, Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, B5 5RT Birmingham,

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We’re not from London, but …

… check out the latest from London AF group (co-published with Haringey Solidarity Group, IWW, Solfed and others) with their 16-page paper Rebel City, now at 7 issues: https://afed.org.uk/rebel-city-7-london-afs-regular-paper-is-available-for-free-download/

Front page title ‘FED UP? THEN RISE UP!’. Full contents: Housing, benefits, IWW, Community struggles & self-organisation, Corbyn & Momentum, Land justice, The Grenfell Tower Inferno & Mutual Aid, Antifascism in the time of Trump, Memory in history,  London Anarchist Bookfair, Direct Action Environmentalism.

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Latest publications by AF, free online

The Autumn 2017 16 page issue of our free paper Resistance is out in print and available for free download here. Let us know what you think of it.


  • Mourn the Dead and Fight Like Hell for the Living! Grenville fire – 1 Cover article
  • Topple Trump – 2
  • Anarchism in the Age of Trump – 3
  • Latest Battle Against the Racist Vans – 4
  • Organising at Work – 5
  • From Bristol to Berlin, the Gig Economy Fight Back Continues – 6
  • Struggle For The Soul of Pride – 7
  • Because They Were Poor: The Grenfell Fire – 8
  • Four Ways You Can Support the Survivors of Grenfell – 9
  • Edinburgh Mothers Fight the Benefits Cap! – 10
  • Rent Strike in Toronto – 12
  • Say No to Prisoner Exploitation – 13
  • Struggling for Our Families and Our Lives – 14
  • Anti-Fracking Round Up – 15
  • Back page contacts etc – 16

Our magazine Organise! back issues are also free to download and there will also be a new one out for the London Anarchist Bookfair later this month (28th October: http://anarchistbookfair.org.uk/ ).



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Midlands discussion & book events coming up in Leicester & Nottingham

Here are a few dates for your diaries in date order. Follow links for details.

The first of these is part of a regular monthly series of discussion events in Leicester. Libertarian Socialist Discussion Meeting 7.00pm, Wednesday 29th March
How could a libertarian communist society meet people’s needs and desires? at the Regent Sports & Social Club 102 Regent Road, Leicester LE1 7DA (very close to the train station).

Then, in April and May the Masked Book Sellers open to not one, but two Nottingham weekends of their house chock full of second-hand books to buy, all sold for charity. It’s a celeb fest as Nottingham born poet, TV/film writer and producer Henry Normal will be opening the Megabooksale on Friday, April 28th at 10am and a prize raffle includes three Sleaford Mods albums specially signed by one of the pair. The sale continues over the Mayday weekend (Sat 29th-Sun 30th April and Monday May 1st) and then continues the following weekend Fri-Sun.

Nottingham events continue in on May with the Five Leaves Bookshop Bread and Roses bookfair on 13th May 2017 which is pair of a 4-day ‘Bread and Roses mini-festival’ (details for the rest of festival 11th-14th May are soon to be announced). Nottingham AF with The Sparrows’ Nest Library and Archive will have a stall as most likely will Peoples’ Histreh, Nottingham’s radical history group.

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Anarchist Communism in the Midlands

Happy new year – maybe, maybe not? But we are still here and there has been a good amount of interest in anarchism and the AF in the Midlands area recently, both East and West. So if you are interested in saying hello or meeting up, do get in touch. The best email address to contact us on is midlands [at] afed [dot] org [dot] uk  and there is also a Twitter feed @afedmids so feel free to follow and pass us any interesting snippets of action or forthcoming events in the region.

Here are a couple of bits of local news and comment.

Leicester AF are holding libertarian discussion meeting each month on a Wednesday so if you are interested, let us know via the midlands address. Next one is on the 22nd Feb and the venue is a very short walk from Leicester train station so it’s easily reachable for an evening visit from other Midlands towns.

It was great to see so many people out on the streets for the recent anti-Trump state visit demos around the country including the rally in Nottingham having close to 1000 at it, something we’ve not seen for quite  while. Combatting anti-migrant discourse is really important, as appealing to patriotism and nationalism continues be a potent way of dividing and ruling over the working class, so it was good to see this as a major theme of the rally.  The new sense of anger against government here and elsewhere will create the seeds of a badly needed movement whose goal is equality, freedom and adhering to the idea of No Borders. Hopefully the new wave of enthusiasm will not end up merely as a vehicle for pro-Corbyn/Labour Party building such as happened when Notts Save Our Services was nipped in the bud in favour of the so-called People’s Assembly.

The main AF website is being updated with new articles so do take a look!

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Resistance paper #161 Autumn 2016 – Grass roots struggles show the way

You can now download the latest 12 page free issue of Resistance #161 Autumn 2016 from the AF website, also out in print at the London Anarchist bookfair:
download here

The latest issue of Organise! will also be out at the bookfair and to order online or direct from us: https://afed.org.uk/organise


What with Brexit, Tory backstabbing, a new Prime Minister, Corbyn being elected Labour leader (again!) and a US presidential election it seems the pantomime of parliament has never been livelier! In our opinion far too much attention has already been paid to the political manoeuvring of our so-called leaders, across untold pages of papers and websites. We’ve spelled out our own position very clearly in previous copies of Resistance, and recommend you pick up those if you want to see yet more pictures of politicians. For this issue we instead put the focus where it belongs, on grass roots struggle – on the strikes, occupations and protests that are winning real change for workers across the UK and beyond. It is these actions that win real concessions for ordinary people. The politicians only ever play catch up. If they’re offering us something good, it’s usually only out of fear we’re going to take something better if they don’t! If, like us, you don’t trust any political party further than you can throw it, these pages should serve as a how-to guide for causing trouble and scoring victories by standing together rather than looking to the higher power of parliament.

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