Two articles from Bristol about Porkie Pies

Update: 4pm today (Saturday) in Nottingham, Forest Fields – details in Tweet:

Here are links two new blog articles that should create resonance in Nottingham considering the past action of the police here, not least as this year it is the 10th anniversary of the ATOS 2 incident where police attempted to stifle protest against medical tests for disability benefits with an wideranging injunction and a dropped case against the two arrested. This was obviously largely politically motivated judging by a police officers’ remark on the arrest that there “had been too much of this sort of thing and we were told to crack down on it”, which echoed the earlier arrests of Nottingham Uncut activists.

It’s also nearly a decade since Nottingham played a part in the days of protests and riots in England following the death of Mark Duggan who was shot dead by police in August 2011, after which a Birmingham court judge prevented the airing of a BBC TV programme about it, relating to a Reading the Riots report by the Guardian and London School of Economics (the programme was eventually aired in August 2012).

The first piece from the Anarchist Federation’s Bristol group is their report of the first Bristol #KillTheBill protest showing “how the police lie in order to build a false narrative. How the corporate media facilitates this by printing their lies as undisputed fact, and how the police’s cheerleaders both professional and amateur will take these lies and run with them.”

They have today followed this with a another blog giving run down of just a some of the lies police and their supporters have been caught out on in the last week.” The 7 lies includes the admission, obtained from a Freedom of Information request, that no police got broken bones or punctured lungs from the first protest on Sunday 21st March, as was widely reported in the media.


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