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Bread and Roses weekend in Nottingham 21-23 Nov 2014 including talk on Anarchism

At the Bread and Roses weekend (21-23 November 2014), organised by Nottingham’s Five Leaves bookshop, on 23rd November at 3-4pm, Ruth Kinna from Loughborough University will talk about anarchism related to her published books. The event is at Nottingham Writers Studio and is free, but should be prebooked. Other events include anti-capitalist roadshow, a session on “why workers lost their power and how to get it back” and on squatting/counter culture in the 1960s.
The full programme is on www.fiveleavesbookshop.co.uk or just click the Bread and Roses link above.
Note: you will many books, magazines and pamphlet on anarchism including the latest publisher’s titles at the Sparrows’ Nest library and archive in St. Anns.

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The Anarchist Federation in Nottingham

The Anarchist Federation in Nottingham

There has been some interest since Saturday 5th May (2012) about who we are locally, what we do, and even what we own! The following tells you something about us in those contexts, which is why we’ll stress some things about ourselves in contrast to others. It isn’t intended to be a comprehensive statement of what we think and do, and so there might be elements we can clarify if asked. But we wanted to give our own perspective on this year’s May Day as soon as we had the chance.

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