You can contact the AF in Nottingham as follows:

Email: This is the best method of contacting the group:

nottingham [at]


Write to::

Box AF c/o The Sumac Centre
245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields

See also: The Sparrows’ Nest, anarchist cultural centre, library and archive.

2 responses to “CONTACT

  1. David

    Hello AF Group,

    Known as David, nice to me you.

    I trust you will send a reply.

    Anway, the jobs i have worked in at explositing the hours, stinks.

    I could give you a list what my 2nd employer did to provoke, not prevent the safety of it’s workers. Oh you bet ya, i could expose them.

    My previous employer was as much as a dick as the previous for exploiting its workers to hit greater KP~I targets for temporary workers, instead of full time contracters. What aloada bull.

    • David

      We were on £2.00 an hour less as temporary employees than the full time employees on £9.00+ p/h. And we were expected to perform at a higher KPI percentage than that of its workers that had been employed by Argos for much longer.

      Total load of bollocks. Heck, I used to make a stand and suprisngly stayed in employment for two years strong. Although, made an impression and a lot of contacts. I swear i coulda built a bloody army there. Hahaha.

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