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Angry not Apathetic – What anarchists do instead of voting – Special issue of Resistance paper – no. 158 Spring 2015

A new special issue of the AF’s paper Resistance for the election period is out and is free to download. Print copies soon coming. See also twitter hashtag #AngryNotApathetic

SPRING 2015 RESISTANCE #158. ANGRY NOT APATHETIC, GENERAL ELECTION SPECIAL ISSUE. Contents: What anarchists do instead of voting, Labour and the Unions, Lib-dems- a student’s view, Green Party “Tories on Bikes”, Syriza in Greece, Suffragettes, Russell Brand. 8 pages. Read all text online. Free download of full PDF.

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The Anarchist Federation in Nottingham

The Anarchist Federation in Nottingham

There has been some interest since Saturday 5th May (2012) about who we are locally, what we do, and even what we own! The following tells you something about us in those contexts, which is why we’ll stress some things about ourselves in contrast to others. It isn’t intended to be a comprehensive statement of what we think and do, and so there might be elements we can clarify if asked. But we wanted to give our own perspective on this year’s May Day as soon as we had the chance.

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