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Talk on anarchism in Russia at The Sparrows’ Nest – Friday 20th July 2012, 7pm

A welcome addition to The Sparrows’ Nest anarchist cultural centre and library’s summer events schedule includes the UK segment of a European speaking tour about the anarchist movement in Russia, its successes and failures. Antti Rautiainen lived in Moscow for 13 years, participating in anarchist activities. His residence permit was revoked in March of this year, allegedly because he “called for a violent overthrow of constitutional order, or otherwise endangered the safety of Russian Federation or its citizens”. He is member of Autonomous Action and the Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow.

His Nottingham meeting will take place at The Sparrows’ Nest, Friday 20th July, 7.00pm.

The Sparrows’ Nest (including directions): http://thesparrowsnest.org.uk

More info about the speaking tour:


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Never mind the World Cup – Anarchism in 1930s Spain – Sunday 18th July

Now the World Cup is over and done with we can get on with one of the more important aspects of Spanish history! Continue reading

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Report on Workfare event in St Ann’s

On Tuesday 17th June 2010, the Anarchist Federation, the Industrial Workers of the World and other activists and people on benefits put on an event entitled ‘Defend Welfare’ at the Chase community centre in St. Ann’s. We showed a film made about a ‘workfare’ scheme in New York City. ‘Workfare’ means when claimants are forced to work for their benefits. The film showed how people forced on to it fought for the same terms and conditions of service as other workers, meaning wages, health and safety agreements and a grievance procedure to protect them from the many ‘employers’ who were taking advantage of this underclass of workers, who their government considered that employment laws should not apply to. Continue reading


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