Black Lives Matter

Nottingham Black Lives Matter are doing an excellent job of countering institutional and structural racism with the Forest demo and march through Radford towards the city centre on Sunday afternoon. It should be remembered though that in 2016 the Highways Act was shamefully used to convict 4 BLM activists in Nottingham after a lock-on to tram lines outside the Theatre Royal (they were ordered to pay £155 each in court costs). Back then, the August 2016 day of action across the UK coincided with the fifth anniversary of the police shooting of Mark Duggan, which had led to the summer 2011 riots – which, by the way, were dealt with by an all-night court initiative of the then Director of Public Prosecutions but now Labour Party leader, Keir Starmer!

So it’s not very long ago that local and national authorities prosecuted people taking necessary direct action against racist killings. Hopefully they will find it a lot harder to do so in the future as the movement grows larger and stronger. This said, Nottingham Post reported on Tuesday that cops were looking at video footage to try and identify someone responsible for the minor graffiti (spraying of Black Lives Matter) on the Council House at the end of the demo, even though other BLM activists chose to clean it off later while local policitians, council and police alike had been falling over themselves to support the demonstration or commend the protesters. As this was on council property presumably the same figures could decide to drop this attempt to criminalise protest. We’ll need to see what happens and take support action if anyone is arrested.


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  1. …grim statistics of “Fortress Europe”: the known annual Missing or Dead are listed on the left side column:

  2. Here we go with a move by the City Council to criminalise of the BLM protest in Bristol …

  3. Spot the “violent extremists” in this wee film –

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