Anarchist Communism in the Midlands

Happy new year – maybe, maybe not? But we are still here and there has been a good amount of interest in anarchism and the AF in the Midlands area recently, both East and West. So if you are interested in saying hello or meeting up, do get in touch. The best email address to contact us on is midlands [at] afed [dot] org [dot] uk  and there is also a Twitter feed @afedmids so feel free to follow and pass us any interesting snippets of action or forthcoming events in the region.

Here are a couple of bits of local news and comment.

Leicester AF are holding libertarian discussion meeting each month on a Wednesday so if you are interested, let us know via the midlands address. Next one is on the 22nd Feb and the venue is a very short walk from Leicester train station so it’s easily reachable for an evening visit from other Midlands towns.

It was great to see so many people out on the streets for the recent anti-Trump state visit demos around the country including the rally in Nottingham having close to 1000 at it, something we’ve not seen for quite  while. Combatting anti-migrant discourse is really important, as appealing to patriotism and nationalism continues be a potent way of dividing and ruling over the working class, so it was good to see this as a major theme of the rally.  The new sense of anger against government here and elsewhere will create the seeds of a badly needed movement whose goal is equality, freedom and adhering to the idea of No Borders. Hopefully the new wave of enthusiasm will not end up merely as a vehicle for pro-Corbyn/Labour Party building such as happened when Notts Save Our Services was nipped in the bud in favour of the so-called People’s Assembly.

The main AF website is being updated with new articles so do take a look!


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