Follow the new Anarchist Midlands twitter @AfedMids

Nottingham AF and members in Derby, Loughborough, Leicester and Lincoln (and surrounding areas) have teamed up to form a Midlands coordination of the Anarchist Federation. As part of this we have launched a Twitter account to share info in our region. Look out for more info about meetings, especially in Leicester and Nottingham.

The new Twitter account is called Anarchist Midlands and information about this can be found here
If you already use Twitter, the account is @AfedMids

If you are further West don’t be put off that we have started off in the East Midlands.

Of course, as anarchists, we prefer horizontal self-organising to following, so if you like what we are saying, do get in touch!



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3 responses to “Follow the new Anarchist Midlands twitter @AfedMids

  1. Indeed. Also, when we were publishing the Nottingham Sparrow we had a column called ‘Hard Squawk’. For example,
    Thanks for your continued support and comments!

  2. Red&BlackManThinks

    Anyone in Northants???

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