Conservatives warned themselves not to introduce poll tax shock

As we leave 2014 it’s good to read that the decision to introduce the Poll Tax and test it first in Scotland has reared its head again now some Cabinet papers have been released to the National Archives: fingering the current Conservative minister Oliver Letwin as one of its cheerleaders.

Thinking back to the good old days, it was great to have had a whole year to plan the resistance campaign in England, and to show that working class people can plan too. In Nottingham we were proud to have held a ‘twinning’ event in Forest Fields where an activist from Scotland came South of the border to explain how they were fighting and winning by refusing to register and by forming local anti-poll tax groups. We sent one of own North over the border as well to see it all first hand. Groups were quickly forming across England and Wales, and the rest is history…

You can enjoy a good read about some of the local resistance here from our very own document archive in Nottingham, The Sparrows’ Nest, and much of this is available online (although you’ll have to visit to see orginals including a couple of banners from the period):
From one of the leaflets we have digitised, see this list of 13 groups as it was in March 1990:

A little more recently we are reminded of a lovely day out in April 2013 (featuring said banners):

Here’s to a Revolting 2015.

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