Food for thought … Stitched up: The Scottish Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation.

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by | May 12, 2013 · 3:32 pm

One response to “Stitched up: The Scottish Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation

  1. Anti-Austerity Action

    This squalid struggle between Trotskyites and others to control what is probably little more than a paper organisation is all too typical. Leftists have jumped onto the Bedroom Tax bandwagon because it is a campaign which does not expose them and constitutes no serious challenge to the capitalist State. Even most Labour-controlled councils say that they are against it. Also there is not much which can be done to defend people subject to the Bedroom Tax. Their benefit payments are reduced at source.

    Many of those subject to the Bedroom Tax are also struggling to pay Council Tax. In Nottingham alone thousands are not paying it because they can’t afford it. Others should be encouraged not to pay with the aim of creating a crisis in local government finances. It is necessary to build solidarity among people withholding Council Tax so that they do not feel isolated and encourage others to do the same.

    Some people seem to think that draconian penalties await anyone who does not pay. This is not so and the chances of being faced with the bailiffs or a jail sentence are low. Cancel your Council Tax payments today!

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