Support the ATOS Two – Demo at Court 25/11

Police have decided to charge two Nottingham residents, one a wheelchair user, the other a pensioner with aggravated trespass. This follows their arrest at a peaceful sit in at the Atos Healthcare offices on Stoney Street on September 30th. This is part of ongoing campaign against ATOS and its profiteering from the administration of medical assessments for benefits claimants. ATOS work hand in glove with the government to facilitate their stated aim rolling back the provisions of the welfare state. This is obstentality to enable them to work. The two main problems with that are a) there aren’t any jobs b) the assessments are mechanistic, incomplete and incapable of making any decisions on the fitness for work of claimants. The profit motive ensures that they never will be.  More here on indymedia.

At the moment the threshold for legal aid is earning less than 733 pounds a month. With the planned cutbacks to legal aid access to decent legal representation will be further diminished. As anarchists we realise that the idea of equality before the law is a joke. Justice is administered within a framework where the needs of the working people are sidelined in favour of property rights. We don’t talk of political policing as we consider all policing to be political and made and enforced in the interests of capital and it’s administrators. We’d submit the following as evidence of this: the recent lengthy jail terms for crimes as heinous as eating a looted ice cream and receiving a pair of child’s shorts from a friend. The conviction for aggravated trespass for sitting in a shop of the Fortnum and Mason UK Uncut protesters and the 150 hours community service for a man found with a pen and some paint. Of course for multinational corporations like ATOS with their well funded legal department which have already forced the closure of three critical blogs this won’t be a problem.

The defendents are bailed to appear before Nottingham Magistrates Court on November 25th. A protest in solidarity with the defendants will be held from 9.30am. Come and show which side you’re on.

“Laws are cobwebs for the rich, and chains of steel for the poor” August Spies



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2 responses to “Support the ATOS Two – Demo at Court 25/11

  1. james

    I cannot attend as it is too far to travel,you all have my full support and my thoughts will be with you on the day. I sincerely hope that the national press (Guardian) or media report this travesty of justice

  2. ‘Too much of this sort of thing’ Atos Two pamphlet now available …

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