On June 30th up to 1 million workers across the country will be walking out on strike. In Nottingham members of the PCS, ATL, NUT and UCU (further education) will be co-ordinating their walkouts to make the day as effective as possible. In other parts of the country some council workers in Unison and Unite are balloting for action and RMT tube workers are striking.

Nationally the AF has issued a statement on the day:



Locally we will be building for the day. Here are some ideas of what we think people should be doing locally to help build and strengthen the strike

  • Strengthening the strike pickets as much as possible. Everyone should support these by going to their nearest picket. This means not just workers in that sector but everyone who is affected by the cuts- other workers, school students, FE and HE students, pensioners, the unemployed
  • Refusing to cross picket lines
  • Joining the strike even if you are not a paid up member of a union
  • Organising meetings in the workplaces in the run up to June 30th to get maximum support for the strike
  • School students and further education students ( where they are still at school because many terms will be ending) should turn out to support teachers and lecturers and organise their own actions
  • Most university students will have finished their academic year. However, where possible they should support the strike pickets and demonstrations where they can
  • The widest possible solidarity has to be reached between teaching staff and support staff. In all sectors, whether education, the civil service or transport the greatest involvement of those not “officially” on strike
  • Encourage those who feel they cannot take part in supporting the strike including workers in other sectors to phone in sick on the day
  • On June 30th delegations from picket lines to visit other workplaces to encourage solidarity action. The organisation of local marches and assemblies where possible
  • Publicise the strike in the local communities to make the day effective, help bring them onboard, explain your positions and what you have in common.
  • Collect funds to help pay strike pay and funds for actions on the day
  • Occupy! The occupation has always been a part of the armoury of the working class as much as the strike. Strike everywhere! Occupy everything!


These are the plans for the day: http://nottssos.org.uk/2011/06/26/nottingham-joint-strike-and-anti-cuts-action-day-thursday-30th-june-2011-final-details/

facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=226141437413542


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